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        Meet our suppliers

             Here at Christmas Made Easy we source the highest quality, freshest ingredients that Ireland has to offer and bring it all to you direct from the very best independent suppliers.

             Together with our suppliers we've formed a close team making sure thousands of people get the most prized produce every Christmas. Here's some we have to tell you about:


Termofeckin Delicious rear traditional Bronze Turkeys, this slower growing breed, is the very best that you can get, succulent, moist with an old-fashioned flavour to its meat. On the Mc Evoys family farm traditional Bronze Turkeys are raised out doors for 5 months in the lush pastures of Co Louth, where the birds graze as well as forage which is essential for flavour in their meat so you end up with a table birds that looks and tastes great.

Ditty's Oatcakes come from Robert Ditty's family run award-winning Ditty's Home Bakery (in business for an incredible 40 years) based in Castledawson. Robert's success is based on the principles of artisan baking. His oatcakes have a divine, delicate flavour and light texture which makes them a perfect cheese board accompaniment.


The Burren Smokehouse has won plenty of prestigious awards for its delicious smoked fish. Their Clare Island Smoked Organic Irish Salmon is smoked using age-old traditional methods combined with red oak and one other ‘secret’ variety which imparts a sublimely subtle and unique flavor. We pair this light, delightful organic smoked salmon with a fresh, sweet and tangy lemon, mustard and honey dressing for a heavenly appetizer.


              In the event of a particular ingredient being unavailable we shall replace it to an equal or greater value.