Time left to Christmas
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Sage Menu Serves 6-8 Hungry Adults

Burren Smokehouse smoked organic Irish salmon
Honey lemon and mustard dressing

Creamy roast parsnip soup
Crusty “Maison De Boulangerie” bread

Termonfeckin Delicious free range bronze turkey
Classic thyme and onion stuffing
Turkey gravy

Cushion of gammon
Wild cranberry sauce
Brussels sprouts and smoked bacon lardons
Chantenay carrots and rosemary butter
Spicy red cabbage
Maris Piper roasties & goose fat

Boozy plum pudding
“Hennessy brandy butter

Chocolate Something’s
Irish farm house cheese selection
Spicy tomato & red pepper chutney
Ditty's oat cakes
Sheridan’s Brown Bread Crackers

€380.00 - €47.50 per person



Sage Menu Contents
Serves 6-8 Hungry Adults

Order1 x 20 slice smoked salmon
1 x 2kg + Soup
2 x Bread Loaves
1 x 5kg Bronze Turkey
1 x 2kg Ham
1 x 800g Carrots
1 tub of Rosemary Butter
1 x 1kg Brussels Sprouts
1 Packet of Smoked Bacon Lardons
1 x 800g+ Braised Red Cabbage
1 x 2.4kg Potatoes
1 tub Gooses Fat
1 tub of Wild Cranberry Sauce
1 tub of Gravy
1 tray of Stuffing
1 packet of Roasting Aromats
1 x 1.5kg Christmas Pudding
1 X tub of Brandy Butter
3 Irish farmhouse Cheese
1 packet of oatcakes
1 packet of Sheridan’s Brown Bread Crackers
1 tub of Chutney for cheese
8 Chocolate Something’s

Instruction leaflet with cooking guidelines and suggested time plan


"Thank you for my usual wonderful Christmas dinner which arrived on time and as always, first class."

Anne Kaar , Cork